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    This past year I've been working mostly privately, (minus about 3 months of official work) meaning I have not been paying BITUACH LEUMI. I don't know how it works, and if they will mess me over.

    Do I need to go into the office/ what do I tell them?
    I will be becoming a Univeristy student next week, does that affect things?

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    Whatever happened to the proposed legislation about the 6 Sundays off a year? Was it passed? ...

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    For those of you who own cars. What is the approximate amount per month of total expense you pay for your vehicle: Please include gasoline, service, insurance, registration, parking and any other car related expenses. ...

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    Have a $ account at my bank
    When converting to Nis I am given a really lousy rate of exchange.
    Anyone have any thoughts on how to obviate this problem ?

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    Israeli Banking Tips


    The banking system and day to day Banking in Israel are very different to elsewhere and it can take time to get used to banking – Israeli style. Here is some important information and tips for making the most of your bank account in Israel. … Read more . . .