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Lecturing at US Embassy, Tel Aviv

What are those new savings plans for kids? Government Savings

Listen to Rifka’s latest talk on Voice of Israel.


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Can anyone explain how I get tax returns on money given to charity? thanks ...

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Hi all, quick mortgage question. If someone owns a house outright, can they take a mortgage on it? If so, are the rates the same as a purchase time mortgage? Thanks! ...

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Anyone have a Blu phone in Israel, specifically the Blu Life Onex2? It seems to have great specs for a great price and want to make sure it will work well here in Israel. ...

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Israeli Banking Tips


The banking system and day to day Banking in Israel are very different to elsewhere and it can take time to get used to banking – Israeli style. Here is some important information and tips for making the most of your bank account in Israel. … Read more . . .