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    Hi! Planning aliyah for mid-December 2016. Specifically, deciding what to pack in "lift" now. First thought not to bring any electric appliances at all, not even hair-dryer or toaster-over. But now see I have some extra space, and going to tiny studio with no real oven... Do people bring, like, microwaves? What about the different voltage? Does it not require more energy long run to convert 220 -> 110? Is it worth buying a microwave here? ...

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    I'm not if this is the right forum but I don't know where else to ask.
    I wouldn't want to be liable (legally or morally) for someones death!

    Some flats (apartments) have two balconies, one for sitting outside and watching the world go by, the other is a utility balcony (more like a ledge) outside a little laundry room off the bathroom or kitchen. This small area is where you have your washing line, outside motor for the air conditioner, and the dud shemesh (for some flats).

    Most buildings have some kind of railing or grill to prevent anyone from falling off this ledge but my building doesn’t have any such thing. A plumber or air-con technician could fall to his death! I would like to put it to the owners of the flats (there's only 19 flats in the building) that we call a company to install railings on all the ledges.

    What kind of a company does these railings and how can I find them to ask for a quote?

    The other thing is over the years everyone has seemed to chuck their renovation rubble out on their ledges and the whole area looks like a filthy tip. I'm not surprised no one has cleaned up their ledge if it's so dangerous!

    Is there such a thing as a company that would clean up and take away all the crap from all the utility balconies (pinuee)? If so what kind of a company are they and how can I find them to ask for a quote?

    If some of the flat owners don’t agree, can they be forced to have railings on their ledge installed and their balcony cleaned up?

    I spoke with the guy from the Vaad biet and he just said I will be invited to an owners meeting in January and I can say what I like there!

    Thanks for any advice

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    Does Paamonim only do financial counseling or also debt consolidation-contacting creditors etc...? If not, who does do that in Israel? ...

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    When renewing your home insurance policy, is it normal for the agent to send a representative to your home to see all your valuables to make sure you are insuring for the correct amount? Including measuring jewellery/weighing gold etc? ...

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