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Lecturing at US Embassy, Tel Aviv

What are those new savings plans for kids? Government Savings

Listen to Rifka’s latest talk on Voice of Israel.


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What are people doing for inexpensive small garbage bags for bathrooms & bedrooms now that the supermarkets charge for bags? ...

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My daughter has finally decided to end her Miami adventure (2 years).

She has about 3 extra suitcases of personal goods to bring. The airline wants about $210 each(average) (its two legs, no direct flights)

That's $630 for 3 extra cases.

Is there a cheaper way to get her stuff to Israel?

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Eilat- what is financially smarter (and will fit in a car trunk) to buy there? And to do while there? ...

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Is it more advantageous to use an Israeli debit card or credit card (from any bank) and incur the constant fees every time you swipe it, or use an American credit card (like Chase Sapphire) which has no foreign transaction fees and you earn points (for air travel, etc.) ? ...

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Israeli Banking Tips


The banking system and day to day Banking in Israel are very different to elsewhere and it can take time to get used to banking – Israeli style. Here is some important information and tips for making the most of your bank account in Israel. … Read more . . .