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Lecturing at US Embassy, Tel Aviv

What are those new savings plans for kids? Government Savings

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We want to save x amount every month as a rainy day fund. We use bank hapoaljm and all their saving account options are very limited. They only last up to 16 years (at the most), and some you can't touch for up to a year. Are there any other options of saving money? We don't need interest, just not looking for all these clauses. Any banks that have better options? ...

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Want to put to everyone's attention that some peoples drivers license expires after 8 years and some; like mine; are every 2 years. And they don't necessarily send a new one. Just check and be on top of it ...

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Anyone know of a good accountant who knows Canadian, US and Israeli tax and benifits programs to answer a few questions? Please pm me thanks ...

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Hey guys! My company, Phone Away From Home, is offering an awesome new cell phone plan, and I want to share it with anybody who is interested!

37 shek per month for unlimited calling/texting in Israel, unlimited calling to the US and Canada, and 10 GB of data :D We can switch you over from any phone company (except Hot Mobile) and you can keep your number, too. Plus, all customer service is done in English :)

Send me a PM or comment below if you're interested, and feel free to share with friends and family. You can also PM me for more info!

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Israeli Banking Tips


The banking system and day to day Banking in Israel are very different to elsewhere and it can take time to get used to banking – Israeli style. Here is some important information and tips for making the most of your bank account in Israel. … Read more . . .