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Lecturing at US Embassy, Tel Aviv

What are those new savings plans for kids? Government Savings

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Looking for a Good inexpensive property lawyer (now more other issues like defending character and able to file law suit) against unruly and difficult flat mate who will not go away and has no right to be in MY apartment place is in Tel Aviv ...

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Hi, does anyone know where can I buy thai green curry paste or powder? In South Africa I used a knorr green curry cook in sauce but I can't find them here. Thank you! ...

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Any parents cloth diaper here?
What kinds did you use and how much did it save you (if at all) vs disposables?

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Is it true that we have to switch our old teudat zehut to the biometric one before the end of the month, or we will be charged from the beginning of March? Heard this from a questionably reliable source, and don't want a trip to Misrad hapnim if it's not really necessary. Thanks ...

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Israeli Banking Tips


The banking system and day to day Banking in Israel are very different to elsewhere and it can take time to get used to banking – Israeli style. Here is some important information and tips for making the most of your bank account in Israel. … Read more . . .