About Rifka

Rifka Lebowitz
My passion is helping you “Live Financially Smarter”, so that you can do what you love and live a meaningful life without money-worry.
I interact with so many smart people who just don’t have a good handle on their finances. Would you you’d like to work with someone who takes a down to earth user friendly, successful approach to money , then read on.

I am a different kind of financial consultant: one who makes finance friendly for those who don’t like, or don’t have the time, to run the financial side of their business or home. I can guide you to make more and to spend smarter. I specialize in neutralizing the scary aspect of your finances, transforming it into something that really works for you.

Lecturing at U.S. Embassy, Tel Aviv

Lecturing at U.S. Embassy, Tel Aviv 2013

Perhaps you overspend, but you’re not sure, perhaps you don’t know what changes to make, or you find it challenging to grapple with the financial system. Maybe too much of your time is taken up with organizing your finances?

Over the years, hundreds of satisfied clients have benefited from my financial advice. I have over 18 years’ professional experience, at Moshe Jonas investments (representing Yashir Investment house) as a licensed portfolio manager, and running the Investment and Foreign Currency desk at the Fibi/Pagi bank in Ramat Beit Shemesh.
Since setting up my consulting business seven years ago, individuals and small businesses have turned to me as a personal and business financial consultant, knowing that they can rely on me for sound financial advice and an insider’s knowledge of the Israeli banking industry.

Sharon Altshul Photographer

I am regularly invited to speak about topics in personal finance including, “Personal Finance Getting it Right”, “5 Steps to Small Business Profit”, “Banking in Israel”, and more (view more sample topics here.) I have addressed groups at Nefesh b’Nefesh, AACI, Emunah, MATI, Temech, Ima Kadima, Modiin Olim Center, Israel Translators Conference, Lema’an Achai and other organizations all over Israel and North America. I am a member of the Israeli Association of Home Economy Advisers and hold a degree in business. I enjoy my work with clients all over Israel and abroad, and look forward to hearing how I can help you build wealth and live financially smarter.

Also see my new site: Living Financially Smarter.