Services include:

Speaking to young couples in Givat Shmuel.

  • Personal Finance Consultations. Working with you on making lasting change.
  • Small Business Finance
  • Pre-Aliya – Start out  financially smart in Israel
  • Public Speaker – Personal Finance, Banking and Small Business Finance 
  • Pre-Aliya Consulting– Start out  financially smarter in Israel
  • Workshops / Seminars – For small groups

My workday is anything but regular, as I am passionate about helping my clients gain control of their finances

I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals and business owners on ways to optimize their finances and live smarter financially. I specialize in working within Israel, personally guiding each client to reach their monetary goals. I offer ongoing upkeep and care of your finances; I know change takes time and effort. I’m here to help you through the process. The change is frequently in mindset and behaviour not only technical.

Each client has different needs. At our first meeting we’ll compare notes to find the best ways we can work together.  We will work together to define your financial goals and implement a plan to attain them. What you get from the process is peace of mind regarding your financial future.

Some of the concerns clients typically discuss are increasing net worth, increasing cash flow, improving financial IQ, implementing a budget, behavioural finance and better managing current and future finances, but those are not the only areas we can explore together. Having someone take care of your finances allows you to devote time to what you love to do. Some of us just wish someone else would take care of finances so we can get on with bringing joy to our lives.  Every client is an individual, and meeting the specific needs of each individual is my challenge and my joy.

Let me help you with your personal finances, your small business or your financial planning.  It’s what I love to do. I’ve helped hundreds of other people like you gain control over their finances.

If you are ready to truly make a difference in your financial life, contact me.  A few questions and we’ll both have a good idea whether we should be working together now.

If you’re not quite ready, join me on my facebook group “Living Financially Smarter in Israel” and stay in touch.