Your life, financially smarter.

Overwhelmed by your money? Overwhelmed by lack of money or so much money?  Want to make more money? If you don’t know why you spend so much and want a plan, or if you’d love to balance your life values with your finances, Rifka is here to guide you towards a financially smarter life.

Money is a tool, not a goal. The goal of the financially smarter life is to find that sweet point where your values, lifestyle and income match up. Its about living well. Its about you being money smart and if you are married then together with your spouse, creating a positive money conversation, leaning to plan, invest and dream -Together.

Where would you like to start?

Or Are you a couple who would love to:

  • Be equal partners on money matters. (No matter who earns more or knows more)
  • Understand your and each other’s financial personality and financial needs
  • Create a safe space for an open money conversation in your relationship
  • Budget, plan invest or get out of debt – Together

If you answered yes, then check out the couples and money course