I’d love to help you find that sweet spot where your values, lifestyle, and income all match up.

Hi, I’m Rifka.

Financial planner CFP®, author, public speaker, and founder of a 35,000 member Facebook group called Living Financially Smarter in Israel.

I’m passionate about helping English speakers understand their finances, feel comfortable with their money, and succeed financially – in Israel.

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I’m originally from Scotland.
(Got your attention there, didn’t I?)

I made aliyah at age 12 with my family. I know what it’s like being an immigrant and trying to make sense of it all. 

My decision to work in the finance industry was fueled not only by my talent with numbers, but with a greater purpose: To help fellow English-speakers understand the system and get smarter about and with their money. 

It was this passion that fueled my decision to leave my secure bank job with tenure to work one-on-one with business owners, individuals, and couples, helping them reach their financial and lifestyle goals. 

It’s been over 14 years now that I’ve had the privilege to help some of the most incredible clients – value-driven people like you – to succeed beyond their wildest dreams –  in Israel.

Rifka’s empathetic outlook, systematic methods and expert knowledge has helped us make huge strides in controlling our spending. She is friendly, approachable and a reliable source of advice and information for anyone who is overwhelmed by living financially smart in a country that is not your country of origin. I am continuing to work with her, not only to keep us on track, but also to improve our financial future. Highly recommended! 
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Alana Stern
ADHD Coach


Living Financially Smarter is founded with the goal to educate  English speakers how to succeed financially in Israel 


Debut of Living Financially Smarter Facebook group with membership growing to an astounding  35,000 members 


Organizations start realizing the importance of addressing financial issues and Rifka is asked to address various audiences in Israel and abroad. Collective participants reach the thousands.


Smarter Israeli Banking is published with the goal to help English speakers understand the Israeli banking scene. Over 2,500 copies sold in bookstores and on Amazon.


Wanting to address financial issues at their root,  The Financially Smarter Couple online course is born and helps dozens of couples (and individuals too!)

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- Let’s Change the Narrative
I’m on a mission to change the financial image in Israel.

Israel is not the place it was 30 years ago – a “developing” country where you had to rough it in order to make it. 

With a GDP at $400 billion, today Israel is considered a high income country by the World Bank. It has one of the highest number of startups in the world, and has been ranked 11th most powerful country in the world in the 2021 Best Countries survey. 

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Why then the misconception that to live in Israel we all need to be poor?

With limitless globalization opportunities, and a strong local economy, nothing should hold us back from being financially successful in Israel.

→ I want to help you believe that and experience it firsthand.

Rifka excels in empowering professionals and business owners with a ‘building wealth mindset’ and the strategic tools to set up their finances to achieve this goal. Super intuitive, highly resourceful and extraordinary dedication are just some of the qualities that I experienced first hand as Rifka helped me think out of the box and experience success in my professional life and business that I had not imagined!  
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Tzvi Broker
Career Consultant 
Rifka’s role as financial advisor to the Jerusalem Scavenger Hunts is instrumental to our continued success story. As a small business owner, I didn’t want to limit the success of my business by my lack of financial expertise. Rifka guides me to set goals, make responsible decisions and gives me tools to understand the financial aspects of running a small and growing business. With Rifka on the team as our independent financial advisor, I have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that I am making wise and calculated decisions and growing my business on a firm foundation. She continues to empower us to make wiser decisions and plan for the future.
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Tali Tarlow
CEO Jerusalem Scavenger Hunts
I would like to give a huge recommendation for Rifka Lebowitz and the excellent service she provides. We met with her, on zoom, for an hour and a half financial consultation and her advice was absolutely invaluable. She gave excellent advice in the most comprehensive way enabling us to better manage our day to day and long term finances and navigate the complexities of family budgeting in Israel.
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Michelle Merchant
Enaya Web Designs
Together, let’s lead the way for our shared successful future.

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