Hi, I am Rifka. 

I love to live well and guide others to do the same, in whatever way it works for them. Its all about finding  that balance, that sweet spot,  between saving, investing, spending on what you value and living a good life.

I am a financial consultant, speaker, and author, specializing in personal and business finance.

After over a decade in the Israeli investment and banking industry, I went out  to pursue my dream: helping business owners, individuals, and couples to be smarter about – and with – their money. I take people on a financial journey. The journey is behavioural, practical and showered with true care for helping you to live financially better.

This was my dream in high school, but as it wasn’t a profession I first did other things that were not planned, like being an investment adviser, then a banker. I also never planned to be a public speaker, or admin a huge Facebook group and certainly NEVER planned to write a book! Thankfully life gives us so much more than we plan for. I always say  “Be careful what you plan for it might actually happen” and it did to me, and beyond, and can for you too.  In 2008 I took a leap of faith and handed in my notice of resignation at a secure bank job – everyone  was shocked! Not only was it stepping away from a safe, secure position, but also because I handed in  notice on the worst day of the year’s stock market crash. But this was my calling and I wasn’t going to let the stock market collapse stop me from guiding people with their money. 

After overcoming my tremendous fear of public speaking I have  been invited to speak on topics related to finances, addressing groups at the American Embassy in Tel Aviv, Nefesh b’Nefesh, AACI, Emunah, MATI, Temech, Ima Kadima, Modiin Olim Center, Israel Translators Conference, and other organizations in Israel, and have traveled to North America with Nefesh B’Nefesh to speak and consult potential olim on how they can make their dream of Aliyah a financial possibility. 


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I am originally from Scotland, but sound American and have lived in Israel most of my life. I am married, have 4  kids and feel truly blessed to be where we are in life.

I’d love to connect with you and hear how I can help you on your journey to leading a Financially Smarter life. Stay in touch!

Rifka Lebowitz