The importance of Hanukka gelt

Since the time of the Talmud, the idea of giving money to children has been associated with Hanukka. Traditionally known as Hanukka gelt, in more recent times this tradition has been replaced in some Western countries with presents…

Pesach and Other Financial Surprises

Pesach is no surprise – a surprise is something that comes about unexpectedly. Pesach on the other hand comes about at the same time each year. As soon as we have eaten our fill of hamentashen, Pesach is in the air…

Supermarket Psychology

‘I’m just popping to the supermarket to buy some milk and bread,” I tell my husband, and some time later I emerge laden with two bags full of groceries. Sound familiar? Well, you may be pleased to know that you are not alone, and it’s not really your fault…

Isratransfer Interview

If you are struggling with understanding the financial system in Israel or just aren’t financially savvy, we have someone you should meet. We are excited to have personal finance consultant Rifka Lebowitz with us for our latest Expert Interview…

Living a “Financially Smarter” lifestyle pays off long-term and will give you clarity and more money. Please note I do not advise on tax issues or stock market investments.

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