As US tax laws began to change, there was – and still is – a huge demand from Americans in Israel for investment products that did not qualify as PFICs (passive foreign investment company)  After researching many options and personally meeting with the owners of each company, determining that the companies seem safe, trustworthy, and properly regulated. (Which does not mean you can’t lose money) I identified several financial products I believe could be interesting for Amerincans (and us non Americans) in Israel.  

These products have low costs, require only a small amount to start investing (₪10,000 or less), and are instruments dual US-Israeli citizens can invest in. Note: Always check with your own accountant before investing, and do your own research or speak to a financial manager to make sure you’re comfortable with the products and their risk level. 

All of these products can be set up online easily, and have a simple to understand interface. 

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BTB – Be the Bank Using advanced financial technology, BTB is revolutionizing and creating real competition in Israel’s credit market, via a peer-to-peer style of

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