Next class –  Sunday August 23rd, 2020

Post Aliyah Budgeting Class

What will life post-Aliyah cost you? 

This 90 minute online live class is what you need to plan your personalized  Israeli post Aliyah budget.

Great class, highly recommended even 6 months after making aliyah. Thank you!  – Ma’ayan Jowell, June 2020

Thank you….not having been empowered with this information, would have made my arrival truly difficult…Thank you for this brilliant class. – Sophie Licht, June 2020

This class is for you if:

  1. You plan to move to Israel.
  2. You want to make your Aliyah as successful as possible.
  3. You want to know how much life can cost you post Aliyah.  

This live online class will give you the tools and knowledge you need, to build an Israeli post Aliyah spending plan.

Even if you have never had to budget before,  or don’t know how to, you will learn how to create a budget so you know what to expect when you make Aliyah.

Included in the $50 fee:  

  • A worksheet to create your budget
  • A 90 minute live Zoom class explaining how to create your Israeli  budget
  • The opportunity to ask me questions so you get your budget correct. 
  • Example budgets from other families, couples and singles. 

We will answer questions like:

How to avoid newbie spending mistakes.

What makes an Israeli budget different?

What should food cost?

What are tashlumim and when should we use them?

What do Olim spend on that Israelis don’t?

How to calculate annual expenses?


How much does the class cost? $50. This Living Financially Smarter class will save you far more than that in your first month here!

Why do I need this class? You may have seen general numbers online, about what life in Israel costs on average for other people, but that doesn’t mean you know what life will cost YOU. Your key to financial success is knowing and planning correctly. In this class you will get the tools to create you own individualised budget.

Who is this for?  You, if you are planning on making Aliyah and want to know what life might cost you in Israel.

When? Sunday August 23rd at 9pm Israel time. From your computer.

How do I sign up? Sign up below, by paying the $50 fee. After you sign up you will receive confirmation and before the class you will receive your worksheet and zoom link to join.   

I hope to see you on Sunday August 23rd at 9pm Israel time.  If you have any questions to submit before the class, email me, rifka @


*We will not be discussing the cost of making Aliyah. Rather the post Aliyah budget.

‘Thank you for such a great webinar on how to prepare ourselves from a budget perspective as best as possible for the Aliyah, and if I imagine not having invested in this class and not having been empowered with this information, it would have made my arrival truly difficult by having a false notion of what one needs to start off life in Israel.
I feel like budgets, numbers or even Excel are so out of my flow but with the way you explained it, I now feel more empowered and own my move even more.’
Thank you for this brilliant class and the community that you have been building on Facebook,
Sophie  Licht. June 2020