What started out as Rifkas’ Facebook group is now a large “financially smarter” community which has grown from strength to strength, bringing together brilliant minds who are all trying to navigate the financial scene of their adopted country. To live financially smarter in Israel.

Frequently posted topics soon to be discussed here:

  • How to set up as an Esek Pator or an Atzmai what is the difference advantages and disadvantages of both.
  • Transferring money internationally  (how to and which method is financially smartest.)
  • Car insurance, how does it work, what do you need.
  • Communication  Internet/ Cell/ satellite/cable/land-line  which is the best deal.       For a comparison of cellphone deals see our comparison here.
  •   Sal Klitah  – refer to NBN for a Sal Klita calculator
  • Good (best) investments
  • How to get mortgage approval.
  • Employing someone in your house.  (Cleaner/ gardener/ carer) Bituach leumi etc.