Here are the ways I can help with your finances:

1. One-on-one financial consult either in person, via phone or video call. A financial consult can cover planning, building wealth, insights into long-term financial goals, pre-aliya financial consult, budgeting on an Israeli salary, getting on track, what products are available and what pitfalls to avoid, gaining financial control, building your financial future, talking about money with your spouse, financial overview, mortgages and more. For a business, this can also include financial ratios, profitability, and planning growth for a more profitable business. You choose what we discuss, according to your own personal needs.

Length: Up to 1.5 hours

Location: Team-Up Beit Shemesh (Yigal Alon 1, floor 7, above BIG open mall) on Monday, Wednesdays or Thursday between 8:30 AM – 3 PM. Other time slots are available as needed or via phone or video call. An in-person meeting in another location can be scheduled for an additional fee. *Pre-aliya consults are available via phone or video call on Sunday evening from 8:30-10PM Israel time.

Price: 500 NIS + VAT = 585 NIS

2. Make this year Financially Smarter – Ongoing financial guidance for 6 months, making long-term lasting change with your money, financial knowledge and behaviour. We work together, with me holding your hand through the scary stuff. We make a plan, a net worth and a budget and start to get you on a new financial track. For a business we work on financial rations, profitability, plans for growth and for a more profitable business. We discuss anything and everything financial that comes up, by phone, email or Skype, and in meetings. This option is an excellent choice for self-employed individuals.

Length: 6 months

Location: Team-Up Beit Shemesh (Yigal Alon 1, floor 7, above BIG open mall) on Monday or Thursday mornings at 9 AM, 11AM or 1 PM, or by phone/Skype. Other time slots are available as needed. An in-person meeting in another location can be scheduled.

Price: 1000 NIS per month (Standard package ) + VAT = 1170.  Price can vary according to needs.

**This program is only offered after an initial one-on-one meeting to assess suitability.

3. My 2019 Smart Financial Choices course. NEW. In a group call every second week, I explain a concept and work on it with the group. We’ll start with a net worth and what we’d like to improve in 2019. We’ll cover goals, making more, financial mindset, talking about money, making smart choices for you, basics of investments, savings available in Israel, banking, filing, bills and budgeting. One-on-one interactions are also built into the course to help you face challenges and move forward.

Length: 1 year. Commitment for 6 months.

Location: Online, Skype or phone

Price: 400 NIS per month + VAT = 468

Living a “Financially Smarter” lifestyle pays off long-term and will give you clarity and more money. Please note I do not advise on tax issues or stock market investments.

If you are ready to schedule please reach out and we’ll send you a link to Rifka’s calendar.

Cancellation policy: 

We appreciate that time is valuable and request that you make every effort not to cancel your scheduled appointment. However, if you cancel within 48 hours or don’t show up for a scheduled meeting, you will be required to pay the meeting fee.