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This two-part class with Rifka and mortgage broker Aaron Morgan will teach you all the basics of applying for a mortgage, and is a must for anyone considering a home purchase.  

We’ll teach you about mortgage concepts, how to take a mortgage yourself and give you guidelines on what to look for, should you decide to go with a mortgage broker.

What’s included?

The Mortgage Class includes two pre-recorded sessions, plus a detailed Mortgage Guide filled with useful links and great insider tips. You’ll learn about the types of mortgages available in Israel; how interest rates work; how to calculate costs; documents needed for the bank, and more.

Why should I purchase this class?

A savvy consumer is one who is armed with knowledge. This class will save anyone taking a mortgage thousands – even hundreds of thousands  – of shekels. After all, understanding one of life’s biggest and most impactful financial decisions should save – not cost –  you money.