Getting married?

Start this next chapter together.

You have a dream of being true partners in a great marriage.

And like most couples, at some point while dating, you probably discussed important topics like:

You may have envisioned the lifestyle the two of you would live, committing to support one another through thick and thin. You want to be “Living Financially Smarter”. 

Yet that one uncomfortable topic, while mentioned or danced around, was not discussed enough.

I’m talking about money.

Do you have an amazing relationship with your spouse, but your “financial personalities” just don’t match up?

You are not alone. Did you know that:

Young couple at odds

Financial conflict is a better predictor of divorce than any other source of conflict.

[2012 study by Dew, Brit, and Huston]

Approximately 31% of all couples - even the happiest ones- clash over their finances, at least once a month.

[2020 Ameriprise study]

71% of individuals say they have money management styles different from their spouses.

[Artemis Strategy Group]

“My husband and I have completely different personalities when it comes to money habits. This has been a major source of stress in our marriage.”

“I hate that my wife just makes a purchase without thinking it through. I wish she would evaluate if we really need the item she’s buying or at least check if she’s getting a good buy.”

“My fiance is a natural saver. I admire that trait and look forward to building our life together. But I worry that he won’t want to spend any money on what he calls ‘luxuries,’ when really, for me they are needs.”

Or maybe you don’t disagree about finances because you rarely (or never!) have money conversations at all?

You’re not the only one...

44% of adults feel their personal finance situation is the most difficult topic to discuss with loved ones, even above death, politics, and religion.

[Wells Fargo Survey]

40% of couples get married without discussing how they will manage their finances after the wedding.

[Time magazine]

Children pick up subconscious “money scripts” by observing their parent’s financial patterns - including money avoidance: fear or discomfort with money.

[Financial psychologist Bradley Klotz in 2020]

Rifka Lebowitz working with couples (1)

“My parents never talked about finances with us kids; it was a taboo topic. Now that I’m married, I’m uncomfortable bringing up the money topic with my husband, so I don’t. It’s like the elephant in the room that we rarely discuss.”

“I am not disciplined with finances at all, but my wife is. Honestly I have no idea what’s going on with our finances, so I just trust her to deal with it.”

“I need to sit down and speak to my wife about what’s been really going on in the business, but it’s too uncomfortable for me to talk about it. So I’ve been pushing it off- indefinitely.”

Do you want to have a stress-free financial relationship,
but feel overwhelmed or intimidated thinking about money?
Many folks feel that way too.

Only 40% of adults can pass a basic financial literacy test.

[Kathleens Burns Kingsbury]

Only about one-third of people who bring home a paycheck know how to balance a budget.

[2017 survey by Careerbuilder]

66% of adults were never taught how to balance a checkbook, pay their bills in a timely fashion, or manage their debt.

[US Survey Data at a Glance]

Couple hugging

“Honestly, I don’t really understand personal finance that much. I’m a word person, not a math person. Numbers overwhelm me. I wouldn’t even know where to get started on understanding my finances.”

“My husband and I both come from families that weren’t healthy about money. Money scares us. So we rarely check our bank accounts. If our account goes into overdraft, the bank knows where to find us.”

“I know nothing about investments or stocks. I know our money could probably be making more, but it’s too overwhelming to figure out, so we haven’t really done anything about it.”

What if money wasn’t:

An obstacle in your relationship with your spouse?

A taboo or dirty topic you are uncomfortable bringing up?

A confusing jumble of jargon that you just don’t understand?

What if money could be:

A joint project that brings the two of you closer together?

Discussed openly and comfortably, as if discussing your grocery list?

Was easy to understand so you could actually get ahead with your finances?

The Financially Smarter Couple

An online course that helps you talk, plan, and dream about money - together.

working with Rifka Lebowitz (1)
If you are a couple who would like to:

Then this course was made for you.

Rifka Lebowitz working for you

Hi, I’m Rifka Lebowitz, financial consultant, speaker, and author specializing in personal and small business finance.

I spent a decade working in the Israeli investment and banking industry before I had the guts to hand in my resignation in order to pursue my own dream – helping individuals, couples, and business owners be smarter about – and with – their money.

My motto is that finances should be user friendly and easy-to-understand
I work with people one-on-one, run a widely-followed Facebook group with 30,000 members called Living Financially Smarter in Israel (check us out!), and have been invited to speak at many high-profile places and events (including the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, Nefesh B’Nefesh, the Temech conference and many more). I’m the author of Smarter Israeli Banking and have appeared on national radio and TV.
Over the last decade of working with people, I found that many had an awkward relationship with money, were missing basic money concepts, or were experiencing marital stress due to misunderstandings related to money. And I started to think:
Wouldn’t it be nice to help people from day one, before their money issues got too big? What if I were to create a course for couples just starting out that would
And BOOM! The Financially Smarter Couple was born.

“This course is the best wedding present ever!!”

– Beatie Deutsch, famed runner

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So what’s inside?
And if that’s not enough, we’ve also got two incredible BONUSES for you:
*For as long as the course is active on the platform, plus two additional years.
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“This course helps you get through difficult conversations … so that you can then move forward and be proactive in achieving your financial goals.”

-Adam Abramowitz, Jerusalem

“The course addresses hard questions in a direct way... It’s a good starting framework to discuss financial issues with your spouse.”

-Shirel Steinberger, Rechovot

"[The course offers a] beautiful, awesome, positive outlook and things to work on and look out for. I’m so enjoying this course!!”

-Hannah Sasson

Get a sneak peek inside:
You owe this to yourself and to your marriage!

Don’t fall into unhealthy patterns that too many couples fall into - of being financially oblivious

Avoid the overwhelming anxiety you feel when your financial needs aren’t met, simply because you didn’t know what your needs are or how to express them to your spouse

Don't get so busy with the the never-ending cycle of daily life that you haven’t had an open money conversation with your spouse for years and don’t even know where to start

Check out our incredibly value-packed course curriculum:

Start your journey here

Lesson 1

It’s Not About Money

Lesson 2

Opening the Money Conversation

Lesson 3

Financial Personalities

Lesson 4

Debt Debunked

Lesson 5

Being Generous

Lesson 6

Living Within Your Means

Lesson 7

Growing Your Net Worth

Lesson 8

Let My Money Grow!

Lesson 9

Wrapping it Up

And...a parting gift for you:

Questions? We're here to help.

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This course is not for you if:

This course is a good fit for you if you:

You and your partner don’t trust each other and see no way to repair that trust

Want to get your finances and your marriage on the same page

You aren’t interested in learning new things about yourself, your partner, and your finances

Are committed to being a supportive financial partner for your spouse

You are already living your dream life in every way

Want to get ahead financially, living the life you’ve always dreamed of

I learned a lot about myself and my attitudes and where my money values and attitudes and fears mesh well or don’t mesh well with my husband’s. Now we can plan around those murky areas and try to get as many needs met as possible…Now that it is “on the table” we have a frame of reference for making money decisions. Thank you Rifka!”
– Dina Gaines
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Are you ready to get started on this life changing course for the price of one weekly grocery trip?

You’re getting:

All for the low introductory price of $179

“So helpful, wow! I need to hear this ten times! I didn’t know most of this information growing up. Rifka outlines it in a clear way that makes it less scary to talk about money. She makes the budgeting, debt, and investing sound less overwhelming. I am definitely giving this course as a wedding present from now on!
– Renee Graham
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Join the dozens of other couples who have already benefited from the Financially Smarter Couple and start making smarter decisions about your money and marriage today!

Our #1 Most Frequently Asked Question:

Rifka, this course sounds amazing, but I’m way passed the newlywed stage.
Will I still benefit from this course?

The answer is: YES!
While our dream is that newlyweds should be educated about their finances + relationship from day one to prevent issues before they arise, we encourage every couple who wants to improve their finances and marriage to take this course.

It’s never too late to learn more about yourself, your marriage, and your money.
We’ve even had single adults tell us they were so glad they took this course.

If you are looking to grow in your understanding of yourself (and/or your spouse) as you relate to money, then this course is for you- no matter what life stage you are in!

Still not sure?

We get it.

Everyone’s got different preferences and styles of learning. Watch this free mini lesson, so you can make sure this course is a good fit for you.

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