At Hub Etzion for the Ima Kadima series.


Speaking to Olim about Banking. Tel Aviv 2016

Lecturing at U.S. Embassy, Tel Aviv

Rifka on the radio

Voice of Israel Radio

TelAviv iriyah

Tel Aviv Iriyah


Running a LFSII panel

PWN aaci rivka l 035

Professional Women’s Networking Forum


Living Financially Smarter Event @SUBS HUB


Givat Shmuel speaking to new Olim

Rifka Lecturing in an event for Nefesh B’Nefesh, in the US.

Speaking @NBN HUB in Tel Aviv

A huge thanks to rifka lebowitz for a fantastic presentation at hub etzion our ima kadima series. it was so great meet some new imakadimas in person!

Speaking at the Temech conference 2019


Hub Etzion – Ima Kadima series