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Daf chesbonAccount statement normally default for the Checking accountדף חשבון
Horaat KevaDirect debit, the automatic withdrawal from your bank account to the ordererהוראת קבע
HafkadaTo depositהפקדה
YitrahAccount balanceיתרה
CaspomatATM Cash Card/ Machineכספומט
Kartis ashraiCredit card ( debit card in most cases)כרטיס אשראי
MatachForeign currency, any currency other than the Shekelמטבע חוץ “מט”ח”
Meenus- MinusOverdraftמינוס
Minahel SnifBranch managerמנהל סניף
Ma’atafat SheirutBank service envelope, used to deposit local checks and cash, order check books or make paymentsמעטפת שירות
Misgeret ashraiCredit lineמסגרת אשראי
 SniffBranch. Your bank branch is your snifסניף
Osh / Over Vashav Checking accountעו”ש / עובר ושב
Amlat PeulaTransaction Chargeעמלת פעולה
PikadonA Depositפקדון
Pachak / PeriOne day interest bearing account פח”ק / פר”י
Tochnit ChisachonSavings Planתוכנית חסכון

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