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Tarya’s innovative, technology-based financial products are user-friendly, and custom-tailored, offering a fully transparent platform that is based on social values: accessible investment solutions, and encouraging the public to save. Tarya recognizes that financial independence and freedom come from sensible financial behavior and safe investments that have no surprises, are free from the bonds of traditional financial institutions.

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What I like:  Simple to set up and understand. It earns approximately 4.5% after tax and fees.

What I don’t like:  It earns about 4.5% after tax and fees, and unexciting investment.


My clients know that I believe in transparency, so here’s my disclaimer:

Please note that I only recommend products I believe in and would personally invest in as well.  I recommend looking into the products listed here, and strongly advise you to do your own research as this is not investment advice. Investments can lose money and I take no responsibility for your decision to engage with any of these companies. 

The Tarya links posted here are agent links, which means I can assist you on their behalf (and view your account). If you have any questions or need assistance with the site, I am happy to help you.  

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Rifka Lebowitz

Financial consultant, author, public speaker, and founder of a 35,000 member Facebook group called Living Financially Smarter in Israel. I’m passionate about helping English speakers understand their finances, feel comfortable with their money, and succeed financially – in Israel.

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