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Using advanced financial technology, BTB is revolutionizing and creating real competition in Israel’s credit market, via a peer-to-peer style of loans but with a twist, as it applies to businesses that have a good history with many security mechanisms in place. This enables everyone – including US citizens living in Israel – to invest in Israeli businesses while earning interest of 6.6% (approximately 5% after taxes and fees.) BTB has even introduced legislation that allows Israelis to benefit from social lending, either as investors or as business owners seeking a loan.

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Watch LFSII’s Webinar about BTB’s lending platform

What I like:    It earns 5%.  There should be no market drops or surprises. 

What I don’t like:   It earns 5%, an unexciting investment.


My clients know that I believe in transparency, so here’s my disclaimer:

Please note that I only recommend products I believe in and would personally invest in as well.  I recommend looking into the products listed here, and strongly advise you to do your own research as this is not investment advice. Investments can lose money and I take no responsibility for your decision to engage with any of these companies. 

The BTB links posted here are agent links, which means I can assist you on their behalf (and view your account). If you have any questions or need assistance with the site, I am happy to help you.  

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