Rifka Lebowitz and “Aboulafia Avital Shrensky & Co” invite you to a ground-breaking “Living Financially Smarter” event on:

U.S. Real-Estate Investments and You

Sold Home For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of Beautiful New House.
Part One – Panel discussion
Get your questions answered by people who are actually doing it, including:

  • Is this a wise and lucrative investment opportunity for you?
  • How the US market compares to the Israeli market and how you can buy in the US for a fraction of the cost of an Israeli apartment
  • How to avoid major pitfalls and scams
  • How to get started? What are the first steps?

Smart Israel residents are learning US real estate is one of today’s most secure and lucrative investments. You can enter this market and earn significant monthly returns. But you definitely can’t do it without expert guidance.

Expert panel, featuring:

  • Miriam Lottner, Successful US real estate investor – buying, renting and selling residential properties for profit
  • Tal Levy, Radco – Attractive risk-adjusted returns from multi-family U.S. real-estate.

Moderated by Financial Consultant Rifka Lebowitz of “Living Financially Smarter”

Part Two- Larry Stern, CPA (US),
Larry will explain the tax aspects of these investments. including tax structuring, planning, and tax filings (US and Israeli) for foreign investors in US real estate.
Larry is a Partner at Aboulafia Avital Shrensky & Co.,-

Monday 18th January 2016, 7:30 pm AACI, 37 Pierre Koenig, corner of Poalei Tzedek, Talpiot, Jerusalem
50 NIS advance payment. Special deal, bring your spouse for our couples price of 80 NIS.
60 / 100 NIS at the door.
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Aboulafia Avital Shrensky & Co., a member of the Prime Global international accounting network, is one of the leading international accounting firms in Israel, with the ability to provide one-stop tax and business structure planning and implementation for individuals and businesses with multi-country tax planning and compliance issues, including related to real estate investments and new business operations. We have Israeli, US, UK, and French CPAs available to assist.

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היה ויבצע הלקוח תשלום בעבור רכישת מוצר/שירות כלשהו באתר ומסיבה כלשהי לא קיבל אותו בהתאם לתנאים ולכללים המופיעים באתר,יזוכה הלקוח בעבור תשלום זה זיכוי מלא.
הלקוח רשאי לבטל עסקה עד 14 יום מיום ביצוע התשלום ולקבל את מלוא כספו חזרה.
הלקוח יהיה רשאי להחזיר כל מוצר/שירות אותו רכש עד 30 יום מיום קבלתו ולקבל את כספו חזרה (בתנאי שהמוצר נשלח באריזתו,במצב תקין ובתנאי שלא נעשה בו שימוש).
בית העסק יהיה רשאי לקזז עד 5% מסכום העסקה המקורי, אלא אם כן הסיבה לביטול העסקה היא עקב תקלה/פגם כלשהו במוצר.
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