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At “Living Financially Smarter” on Facebook  we are asked frequently about prices of Internet packages, as a public service we have gathered the information for your use. If you have more information to add please contact us so we can update.
Updated 29th February 2016

Service providerSpeedPrice/MonthSapakTashtitNotesSite
BezekPrices depend on where you live.YesYesBezek
018 X-phoneUp to 100 Mb69 NISYesYesFor 6 months018 X-phone
1585 NISYesYesAfter 6 months
4089 NISYesYesAfter 6 months
10099 NISYesYesAfter 6 months
Triple CUp to 100 Mb45 NISYesYesFor first 2 monthsTripleC
1575 NISYesYesAfter 2 months
4085 NISYesYesAfter 2 months
10095 NISYesYesAfter 2 months
Hot net3080 NISNoYesTo include land line and mobile phoneHotnet
100100 NISNoYes
100120 NISNoYes
Netvision1579 NISYesYesNetvision
10099 NISYesYes
Bezek Ben LemiPrices depend on where you live.YesYesBezek BenLeumi

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