How can I help you get started on your journey to a Financially Smarter life?

One-on-One Financial Consultation

A financial consultation can cover a range of topics, specifics to be determined by your personal needs.

Ongoing Financial Upkeep

Ongoing financial upkeep involves learning how to change spending habits and making long-lasting changes with your money.

Premium Package

This is a FULL package for clients with investments, businesses,and personal finance guidance. With weekly check-ins and more intense hand holding through out your financial change.

Business Finance Consultation

A one time consultation OR as an ongoing monthly plan. Topics can include financial ratios, profitability, and planning growth for a more profitable business, etc.

Online Courses

NEW in 2020THE FINANCIALLY SMARTER COUPLE: How to talk, plan and dream about your money – together” a course for couples starting out life together. 

Learn to be smart with the money you have, eliminate financial stress as much possible, and talk openly about money. This course is jam-packed with tips and tools for planning how to share a financial smarter life together.

Smarter Israeli Banking

Buy the book >>> . THE ULTIMATE INSIDER’S GUIDE TO BANKING IN ISRAEL Learn how to navigate the process from opening an account to closing one, and everything in between.

Workshops and Talks

Book a talk or workshop.

Living a “Financially Smarter” lifestyle pays off long-term and will give you clarity and more money. Please note I do not advise on tax issues or stock market investments.

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