From gaining financial control to banking and budgeting, here are the services I provide to help you live a Financially Smarter life in Israel.

One-on-one financial consult

A financial consultation can cover a range of topics, specifics to be determined by your personal needs.

Ongoing financial upkeep

Ongoing financial upkeep involves learning how to change spending habits and making long-lasting changes with your money.

Business Finance Consultation

Available both as a one time consultation or as an ongoing monthly plan for 6 months.

Workshops and Lectures

Topics serve a range of audiences and include personal finances

Online Courses

The Financially Smarter Couple: How to talk, plan and dream about your money – together” a course for couples starting out life together. 

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Smarter Israeli Banking

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Living a “Financially Smarter” lifestyle pays off long-term and will give you clarity and more money. Please note I do not advise on tax issues or stock market investments.

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