Too many couples can’t talk about money.

Couples getting married shared that they are scared of what their significant other will think of their money habits. Couples married many years shared that they have never had a real money conversation.

It doesn’t have to be that way… This online course by financial consultant Rifka Lebowitz will guide you to open up your money conversation, it will help you understand each others money mindset and guide you to working together as a couple on planning the life you want, budgeting and investing.

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With the right starting point you can share and grow your finances together, no matter where your starting point is. In this course we share how to start, how to talk about money, how to share, how to plan. This course is not about having the most money, what it IS about is how to live well. How to be smart and live your best life. It is about how to understand your financial personality and each others, so you can accomplish your financial goals, together.

Length: 9 weeks (more or less) you can go at your own pace, and your can access it always!

Location: Online from the comfort of your home, fav coffee shop, etc!

Price: 600 NIS

Access: You can access anytime, the lessons release every few days. You have access for a minimum of two years after purchase.

It’s about being smart with what you have and eliminating financial stress as much as possible. The goal of this course is to help you align your values with your money and live what I call a financially smarter life.

If you want to start out your life together with a good money relationship, this course is for you. Priced at 600 NIS this course should be a must have for all couples starting out.

This is the perfect wedding gift for young couples.

Course Curriculum

Welcome To The Course!

  • Before we begin
  • Topics We Will Discuss
  • Tips For Making This Course As Valuable As Possible
  • Introduction by Rifka Lebowitz
  • Trust
  • Your First Assignment

Lesson 1: It’s Not About Money

  • What Is It About?
  • Goals Sheet

Lesson 2: Opening The Money Conversation

  • Financial Clarity
  • How To Open The Money Conversation – Worksheet
  • Relationship Skills and Your Money – Chat with Marriage Architect Daniella Rudoff

Lesson 3: Financial Personalities

  • What’s Your Money Personality?
  • Networth Vs. Self-Worth
  • Attitudes Matter!
  • Refrigerator Magnets
  • Extreme Money Behaviours
  • Secrets to Working Together: Chat with Psychotherapist Debby Winter

Lesson 4: Debt

  • Understanding Debt
  • Dealing with Debt
  • Worksheet

Lesson 5: Be Generous

  • Being Kind With Your Money

Lesson 6: Live Within Your Means

  • First Step – What Is A Spending Plan?
  • Creating Your Spending Plan
  • Spending Plan – Expenses Vs. Income
  • Spending Plan Explanation
  • Spending Plan Worksheet – For You To Fill In
  • 4 Spending Plan Examples
  • Q&A: Should We Feel Guilty We Are Being Supported?

Lesson 7: Growing Your Networth

  • What Is Networth & How To Get Started
  • Networth Excel Spreadsheet
  • Thinking Outside the Box

Lesson 8: Let Your Money Grow

  • Are You Scared Of Money?
  • Why Invest?
  • Investment Myths Debunked
  • Investing Vs. Gambling
  • Exponential Growth

Lesson 9: Conclusion

  • In conclusion
  • Further Learning
  • The End

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What’s included?

  • 11 Videos.
  • 10 Audios.
  • 1 Survey.
  • 18 PDFs, Excel Spreadsheets &
  • More.