Smarter Israeli Banking by Rifka Lebowitz 


NEW EDITION Coming in June 2024 – Order now to get the revised and updated edition, pick it up at the LFSII/NBN conference on June 2nd or we can send it to you in June 2024. Financial planner Rifka Lebowitz offers an insider’s guide to banking in Israel. Learn how to navigate the process from opening an account to closing one, and everything in between.

This book will help you get a grip on:
  • Israeli credit ratings
  • How to choose a bank
  • Writing checks and what to watch out for
  • How Israeli credit cards work
  • The mysteries of overdraft
  • Accounts for kids
  • Saving money on fees
  • Understanding Hebrew banking terms
  • And much, much more!
Order your copy now to start living financially smarter today!
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Smarter Israeli Banking by Rifka Lebowitz is a book every English-speaking “new immigrant”, no matter how long the new immigrant has been here, to Israel should have.” – Zev Stub, Janglo Media Network

“Now with valuable information in hand, one can go into an Israeli bank with new found confidence to smarter banking and save money.” – Sharon Altshul, Baltimore Jewish Life

“It was a great read! Finished it in two sittings and I loved the wealth of information you had to give out. I must say your book is really a life saver for many Olim, wish I met it a couple of years ago. I know that it will serve my younger siblings as well too. I am verry greatful and appreciative of your work and care for the receiving of the book. May hashem bless you for your abilities to give and help. Thank you 🙂   ” – Jonathan Shitrit

“There are so many great and necessary tips in Smarter Israeli Banking.Shilo Musings 

“I’ve been living in Israel for 13 years, and wish I had this information sooner…I’m grateful for this book, which is actually making me financially smarter!” – Hilary Faverman, HFC

“To put it bluntly, I don’t just recommend this book. I state it is a must-have for any immigrant to Israel, period.” – Aussie Dave, Israellycool

“I work with bank documents every day, but until I read Rifka Lebowitz’s new book, Smarter Israeli Banking, so much about accounts, fees, and banking was a mystery to me.” – Yosefa R. Huber, CPA

Smarter Israeli Banking is available in stores at the following locations:


  • Sefel V’sefel (Yaavetz st, center of city)
  • Manny’s (Meah shearim)
  • Pomeranz
  • Moriah

RBS Alef

  • Judaica Center (under yesh)
  • Or HaChaim

Gush Etzion

  • Mintzer (they will order it upon request)


  • Masoret Raanana (they will order upon request)
Bnei Brak
  • Yafei Nof