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6 week Introduction to Investing – course.

Online event

After two successful rounds for Living Financially Smarter members, we are opening a third and even better round of this investment course .This Stock Market course will teach you:

  1. – How the stock market, indices & crypto work
  2. – Market Fundamentals
  3. – Key signals to buy, hold, and sell for a profit
  4. – Top strategies hedge funds & money managers use to invest

​6 classes, the first one is free. The classes (after the first one) will be open to 25-30 paying participants at the price of 650 NIS.

Reserve your spot for the free first class here…/1FAIpQLScy2fs8Tsw8SM…/viewformWednesday evenings January 12th until February 16th at 8:30 pm.

Whatapp group if you have questions or need guidance between the classes.About the instructor
Malcolm holds an MBA from Georgetown University, has been an active investor for 10+ years, & teaches classes on investing in the stock market.Malcolm & his family made aliyah from San Francisco in 2014 & live in Ra’anana.

*No investment advice that requires an license will be given. No information shared should be seen as investment advice. 

Rifka Lebowitz

Financial consultant, author, public speaker, and founder of a 35,000 member Facebook group called Living Financially Smarter in Israel. I’m passionate about helping English speakers understand their finances, feel comfortable with their money, and succeed financially – in Israel.

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