I was initially skeptical when we first met with Rifka, having previously met with a number of financial coaches on an on-and-off basis. While some gave good advice, things fell apart in the implementation; others could assist at various micro levels, but failed to grasp the big picture or provide a comprehensive plan. With Rifka, however, we finally found what we needed: someone who could help us design a strategy for achieving our long-, medium-, and short-term life goals, and was willing to accompany us through the practical, technical, and often overwhelming steps that are key to that strategy’s success. Working with her has granted us a life-changing sense of security, and I would urge everyone who feels caught in a negative financial spin cycle: Invest in a relationship with Rifka. It’s the best investment you’ll ever make.
Marla Goldfinger
Content Creator @ CopyQUEEN.com. June 2023
I attended one of Rifka's life changing talks about financially preparing for kids weddings. So that one wouldn't be in debt after making a wedding for a child, I came home so fired up & determined to take her great advice. My children have reached marriage able age & we have not made a savings account for weddings! I came home shocked. What was I thinking all these years? So, I decided how much I needed to earn/save per year solely for a wedding for each of my kids & looked for a job. My income doesn't reach my goal yet but I am working towards it & feel empowered. I have also shared sone of Rifka's ideas with young married couples. I changed our future because of Rifka's Talk.
Malka Garalnick
RBS. June 2023
Rifka recently gave a talk to my networking group and I really couldn't recommend her more - her talk was informative, engaging and even online (Due to COVID19)  didn't lose any of its impact. After the meeting, I had brilliant feedback from all the participants whom all gained a tremendous amount. More than that Rifka was just a pleasure to deal with - she was responsive and warm and more than happy to contribute to the energy of the group. Warmly Recommended.
Helena Baker
Helena Baker
Design- Founder of ESN, Israel's premier networking groups
Rifka's empathetic outlook, systematic methods and expert knowledge has helped us make huge strides in controlling our spending. She is friendly, approachable and a reliable source of advice and information for anyone who is overwhelmed by living financially smart in a country that is not your country of origin. I am continuing to work with her, not only to keep us on track, but also to improve our financial future. Highly recommended!
Alana Stern headshot
Alana Stern
ADHD Coach
How does a small business scale? By engaging highly talented, knowledgeable and hands on business professionals who care about their clients. SunHouse Marketing has been growing steadily under the guidance of Rifka Lebowitz over the last year and a half. Rifka looks for growth opportunities. She also finds those weak spots, does immediate triage and then creates a solid plan to ensure your business grows steadily and at the right pace. I highly recommend Rifka and suggest that if your serious about your business growth that you include her among your close circle of advisors.
Fran headshot
Fran Jakubowicz
CEO at SunHouse Marketing 
Rifka excels in empowering professionals and business owners with a 'building wealth mindset' and the strategic tools to set up their finances to achieve this goal. Super intuitive, highly resourceful and extraordinary dedication are just some of the qualities that I experienced first hand as Rifka helped me think out of the box and experience success in my professional life and business that I had not imagined!
Tzvi broker headshot
Tzvi Broker
Career Consultant 
Every time we meet with Rifka we come out with clarity and with concrete steps as to how to move onwards and upwards. She is positive, crystal clear, and non-judgemental. We have found her financial advice and guidance invaluable every time we meet with her.
Cannot recommend her more highly!!
Abi headshot
Abi Ofstein Blackman
Writer at Abi Write With You
Rifka’s role as financial advisor to the Jerusalem Scavenger Hunts is  instrumental to our continued success story. As a small business owner, I didn’t want to limit the success of my business by my lack of financial expertise. Rifka guides me to set goals, make responsible decisions and gives me tools to understand the financial aspects of running a small and growing business.
She continues to empower us to make wiser decisions and plan for the future.
Tali headshot
Tali Tarlow
CEO, Jerusalem Scaventures
Rifkas coaching, advising, steering, helping and supporting us with tremendous knowledge, patience, positive feedback, professionalism, dedication and some humor too. It is fascinating how when you get your finances in order, other, totally non related issues, start falling into place as well.
We wish everyone Rifka in their lives too.
Danja headshot
Maish and Danja Saidel Keesing
Senior Entreloper at Amazon. Tour Guide
Rifka is so unbelievably professional, patient, kind and very very good at her job. If you need financial advice and planning that is life changing.
We would HIGHLY recommend her.
Michali and family photo
Michali and Ephriam Caplan
Rifka has been extremely helpful and effective in helping my husband and I organize, understand, and manage our finances. Across our businesses, our savings, and our personal finances, Rifka's knowledge has been indispensable. It is not an exaggeration to say our partnership with her has changed our life and the security we have in our financial health.
Sam and Emunah Rosenstein headshot
Sam and Emunah Rosenstein
Engineer. Co-Founder & Creative Director, nihilo.agency
I made the initial call to Rifka because I was tired of going from feast to famine. Our family lacked security and the effects were filtering down and disrupting the peace and balance that is so important for me to provide for myself and my kids. Our work with Rifka has been life changing. Not only has she helped to pull us out of debt, but we are well on our way to a secure future. I can not recommend Rifka and her services enough to anyone who feels like they want have more financial certainty.
Libe headshot
Liba Lurie
Licensed Psychologist
I would like to give a huge recommendation for Rifka Lebowitz and the excellent service she provides. We met with her, on zoom, for an hour and a half financial consultation and her advice was absolutely invaluable. She gave excellent advice in the most comprehensive way enabling us to better manage our day to day and long term finances and navigate the complexities of family budgeting in Israel.
Michelle Merchant headshot
Michelle Merchant
ENAYA Web Design
I met with Rifka twice already and each time I come out with clarity and with concrete steps as to how to move onwards and upwards. Rifka answered all of my questions very clearly. She was kind and patient with my questions.
I would (and do) recommend Rifka as a financial advisor!
Jordana headshot
Jordana Mark Ostrov
Digital Marketing Specialist

My wife and I met with Rifka for a 1 on 1 Financial Consultation, and we’re so glad that we did! It was really easy to schedule with her, as she has slots throughout the week at different times (including night hours for US/UK-based clients). Rifka prepared a presentation based specifically on our needs, and gave us the tools to manage our budget, optimize our savings, and plan for the future. She explained all of the different banking/investment terms that came up in an easy-to-understand way. She was very available both pre and post meeting to answer our questions and help guide us. We sent Rifka a snapshot of our finances before the meeting, and she came prepared after having reviewed the document with advice geared specifically for our situation. She has a deep understanding of finance, budgeting, banking, and investing – as well as specific insights in to the Israeli system. Rifka also sent us various Google sheets to help us budget our monthly expenses, optimize our savings for the future, and determine our net worth. The Financial Consultation with Rifka was definitely a great investment in our future!

Gabriel Duec – Head of Social Media and Digital Projects at Yad Vashem

Rifka was hired to conduct a workshop on planning for the future that would encourage participants to take personal responsibility for their financial future, be it retirement or shorter-term goals. She did a stellar job, reaching a broad audience that ran the gamut from “I never plan ahead” to “I know exactly where all of my money is invested.” Her workshop was the talk of the Embassy. I highly recommend her as a practical, down-to-earth, motivational speaker.
Devorie Freidman, U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv, Human Resources, Recruitment, Career Counseling

Thank you for such a great webinar on how to prepare ourselves from a budget perspective as best as possible for the Aliyah, and if imagine not having invested in this course and not having been empowered with this information, I would have made my arrival truly difficult by having a false notion of what one needs to start off life in Israel.
I feel like budgets, numbers or even Excel are so out of my flow but with the way you explained it, I now feel more empowered and own my move even more.’
Thank you for this brilliant class and the community that you have been building on Facebook.
Sophie Licht 

Rivka is one of the most amazing people I have ever meet. Her compassion, honesty and skill as a top financial advisor are immeasurable. I only wish I had the courage and insight to invest in our family by using her services 10 years ago. At the time I didn’t think I could afford it. Ten years have past and our financial situation has proven I can’t afford not to seek Rivka’s counsel. I can honestly say we’d be in a completely different financial state had I had this courage earlier. As the saying goes better late than never.

 Thank you Rivka, I know, with G-d’s help, that ten years from now I’ll be writing you a new testimonial about our families financial success, success that was based on your foresight and guidance.

You are a gem and I am grateful to know you and that you are in our lives.
May you be blessed to receive back all that you give out and more.

Jessie Heller-Frank

Our meeting with Rifka totally changed my perspective about how I could relate to savings, money, and investing. From something that was scary and seemed impossible, financial awareness and literacy began to be something that I felt I could take ownership of. Rifka was patient and willing to break things down for us total novices. She gave us concrete advice that helped us frame the course of action we should embark on. But even more than that, she made us feel that she genuinely cared about everyone’s financial well-being–and ours in particular. That her work is not just a job, but a vocation, because financial security enables people to live more giving and meaningful lives.

Eleanore Lightstone

It was really amazing learning from you, I absolutely love your message.

Zeesi Paltrowitz – Temech Seminar on “5 Steps to Profit”


רציתי לומר כמה מילות תודה על הערב שהענקת לעולים בגבעת שמואל,
הביקורות היו מעולות, האנשים קיבלו הרבה טיפים שימושיים, וכולנו נהנו מהמידע שקיבלנו!

אלכס חייפץ
עיריית גבעת שמואל

Shout out to this group’s founder Rifka Lebowitz. Thank you for an excellent financial consultant session. And thanks to everyone here who recommended we meet with her. She gave us great practical tips, things to think about and put things into perspective.

Laya Pelzner Bejell

Your one hour was packed with PRACTICAL, up-to-date, and to-the-point information. You gave off a lot of confidence and knowledge in your field. You were firm and even told someone who asked about taxes that you do not deal with taxes, that is not your expertise and you will not say anything about it as you don’t want to lead anyone astray. I really respect you for saying that!!! As I was sitting in your presentation, I felt that if I put myself in this woman’s hands regarding advice on finances – that I would be able to TRUST you.

Participant in NBN talk in Chicago

Since 2009, Rifka Lebowitz has educated and guided Nefesh B’Nefesh olim at several post Aliyah information seminars. Learning to navigate the new systems of banking, bills, and finance is very overwhelming – yet all are aspects vital to one’s financial success in a new country. Rivka time and time again successfully provided translations, handouts, and practical tools, restoring for new olim in particular, a feeling of being in control and independence.

Miriam Naiman, Post Aliyah Advisor, Nefesh B’Nefesh

Thank you so much for coming to our community, Neve Yaakov and making an outstanding presentation. You speak from knowledge and experience, providing many sources and examples to help us to understand finance. One of your greatest strengths was exemplifying how you brainstorm with each, individual client to help them make a plan and guide them how to proceed in a way that is successful for that individual. Given your background of working in banks and various financial institutions, you were able to help each individual proceed successfully, and, in an appropriate, Torahdik way. You gave real-life examples of money situations that all the women can relate to and showed them ways that they can maximize the outcome for their finances… Also, given your expertise, this was a wonderful opportunity for the women who came to get such expert and generally costly advice that they would not ordinarily be privy to. Thank you so much for all that you do.
Vivian Gordon J.D., Ph.D.

I had the privilege of hosting Rifka Levenson-Lebowitz for a family finance seminar for women last night. It was a tough crowd but Rifka did her homework and she wowed them. Thanks to Rifka, we now have a clue how to save for our kids’ weddings and other important stuff.
Naomi Elbinger,

I don’t think I would be exaggerating to say that last night’s meeting with you was a life changing event. I said to my wife that I will always remember where we were last night almost the way people remember where they were when they heard that JFK was shot…My wife and I are both very happy to have had last night’s meeting with you and plan to continue working with you to implement your suggestions and help build a monthly budget.

We were both very impressed with your professionalism, insight, and no nonsense approach while managing to be empathetic to our head-space at that time.
Name withheld,

I want to thank you for your excellent Presentation on Banking at The AACI… as part of my Navigational Series. Through your clear, precise and incredible knowledge you were able to unravel the mysteries of the (Israeli) Banking System much to the delight of your attentive audience! I have received emails praising your lecture and you Thanks again Rivka, Sheila Bauman, Klitah Counselor,

Rifka Levenson-Lebowitz helped me so much! We met this week and she was able to help me clarify the numbers – what goes in and out, so that I can make a plan as to short term and long term goals. I highly recommend her. Her patience and ability to explain things in laymen’s terms are laudable virtues!

For businesses and homes and both!
Felicia M. Seaton, Esquire.

Rivka’s financial advice has been indispensable to both my business and home. I would highly recommend Rivka without reservation.
Harry Rubenstein,
Product Director at Managed for Mimi,

We’ve worked with Rifka Lebowitz as a financial advisor, both on investments and expense management, since our arrival in Israel in 2006. Her expertise of the Israeli “scene” has been invaluable, even after 20+ years of familiarity doing these tasks in the US. And she got great results, even through years which were rather tough for the financial markets. Her deep expertise is matched by her great tact, which is of great value when dealing with touchy family issues such as budgets… Most highly recommended.
Yonah Alexandre Bronstein, PhD.

…I now have (financial) tools that I feel confident using and an ongoing relationship with a wonderful (financial) adviser who truly goes above and beyond the call of duty in her work.
Mother of five,
age 53 made aliyah 1994

Over the past few months, I have worked with Rifka Lebowitz in two capacities, as she has provided extremely helpful financial planning advice for both my household and my business. Ms. Lebowitz approaches her work with high levels of professionalism, her rates are reasonable, and I have found her insights to be of great value. Ms. Lebowitz’s perspectives on long-term financial goals – and her advice on how to use practical logic and (financial) formulas to keep goals in mind when facing decisions – have been especially useful to me.
Ben Jacobson,
Manager at IT Magazine LTD (Israel)

Rifka Lebowtiz has been assisting and advising me on my specific financial needs for a number of  years now. She has been an EXCELLENT GUIDE and adviser… She has a wonderful friendly, down to earth and yet professional manner. I highly recommend her services.
Rebbitzin Judith Gerzi,
Ramat Bet Shemesh

Rifka knows the Israeli financial world better than most. She helped me navigate my way around when I needed it most. She gives 100% to each client. We partnered in bringing her expertise to women and she was a gift to all that participated. Make Rifka a part of your team!
Chana Gilman,
Las Vegas

The money she saved us in that first sitting more than covered her fee.
Rabbi Tzadok Cable,
Founder binyanhaolam.com

Rivka is proficient in the intricate laws of banking in Israel. She is able to deliver the complex subject into bite size comprehensible pieces for the lay person. I recommend her highly if you are looking for a financial consultant whose grasp of Israeli banking laws is at her fingertips.

I attended a multi-session series on Banking in Israel provided by Rifka Leibowitz as a service to the immigrant community. The information she provided was extremely helpful, and much of it included cost-saving tactics that I was not aware of. I have since saved quite a bit of time and money from the information I learned from Rifka. As a speaker, she spoke clearly and understood her audience. She also handled the frequent interruptions and difficult audience members with patience, good nature, and a smile, while keeping the sessions focused on the topic at hand.
Jody Parente

Rifka’s knowledge and ability to analyse our finances and flow of money- both in the short term and long term, as well as present it to us in an understandable fashion combined with her gentle, accepting personality was a wonderful combination for us.  It helped us to understand how we were making decisions and gave us new options of responsible spending, and wealth building.
Ramat Bet Shemesh

Our sessions have been well worth my time and money, Rifka made my financial goals a reality. When I met her I knew nothing about financial planning or money. Rifka, went above the call of duty to help us.
H.D. Jerusalem 

Rifka Lebovitz presents her material with a pleasant and professional manner — critical ingredients to a successful lecture series. She exudes enthusiasm regarding her subject matter. This in turn motivates the listener to want to learn more as well as to ask questions and/or share a personal financial anecdote. Most importantly to me is that Rifka was able to open me up to the possibility that I could actually aspire to being “financially savvy,” something I could never have visualized in the past as well as taking away my fear every time I would think about getting a handle on my finances. What a relief to know I can let finally let go of all that stress and move forward with optimism. With gratitude,
Nicole B.