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I am offering a LFSII  workshop geared to entrepreneurs and small business owners, freelancers, and anyone who works as an Osek Patur or Osek Murshe who want to make more money. 

In  this practical two-part series, you will learn:

  •   How to create a budget for a growing business (given how much is unknown)
  •   What you need to earn vs. how much you think you earn
  •   Where does your money actually go?
  •   What tax benefits are you entitled to, and what do they mean?
  •   Which steps you can take to make more, simplify your life and make smarter financial decisions

When:  Thursday,  June 30th and July 7th 2022

Where: On Zoom

Time:   9:00 – 10:15 am

Cost:    ₪257 – Early Bird Registration 

 ₪357 – After June 26th

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Rifka Lebowitz

Financial consultant, author, public speaker, and founder of a 35,000 member Facebook group called Living Financially Smarter in Israel. I’m passionate about helping English speakers understand their finances, feel comfortable with their money, and succeed financially – in Israel.

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