Updated October 24th, 2023

The current war with Hamas has affected us all, and our hearts go out to the families who have lost their loved ones, those who are missing, taken hostage, and those who have been injured. In times like these, our solidarity and compassion are essential, and it’s heartwarming to witness the immense support and collective efforts of the entire country and globally. 

Despite the pain and loss of our brothers and sisters old and young in the south, there is a remarkable sense of togetherness. It seems that everyone who has not been called up is mobilizing in different ways, sending food and supplies, raising funds, and providing unwavering support. It’s truly inspiring to see the outpouring of help from abroad, and the fact that EL AL had to add flights to bring those called up and volunteers back to Israel speaks volumes about our shared commitment to our homeland.

In other parts of the world, people might consider running away in times of crisis, but here, it’s evident that the connection to this land runs deep in our hearts. We all come together because, despite our differences, we recognize how much we need this place we call home.

I am sharing some financial resources that can be useful at this time. Every effort has been made on my part to make sure this information is accurate. I have added sources, made calls to check the information and added links with more information where possible.


All the banks are trying to be helpful at this time. If your salary didn’t come in, you need to enlarge your overdraft or take out a loan, you can reach out to your bank to get the help needed. They are trying to be sensitive and accommodating according to each case.  They will allow you to freeze mortgage payments (at a cost) and some are giving an interest free loan or will enlarge overdraft without paying interest on the additional sum. 

To check what bank branches are open The Bank Of Israel has a link to each bank here with the details. מידע לציבור על הפעולות שנוקט בנק ישראל בעקבות המצב הבטחוני | בנק ישראל – הבנק המרכזי של ישראל (boi.org.il) 

There is a Bank Of Israeli Helpline if you aren’t able to sort a bank or credit card issue directly with your bank *9086 or 02-655-2680 between 9:00 – 16:00



The Sochnut has a fund that gives victims of terror 4000 NIS almost immediately (within 3 days) and can give up to 25,000 NIS. הקרן לנפגעי טרור | הסוכנות היהודית לארץ ישראל (jewishagency.org) This is the number to call *6847. Or whatsapp 0523551684. 


The government will give as a first aid sum 1000 NIS to each person and up to 5000 NIS per family who the Home Front command evacuated from their homes and lives 0-7 Km from Gaza.  Details and application are here הגשת בקשה למענק סיוע לתושבי העוטף | רשות המסים בישראל (www.gov.il)

Business Forum

The business forum of the largest companies in Israel are giving 1000 NIS per person worth of vouchers to anyone from “Otef Aza” who was evacuated from their home. If you did not get this yet you can reach out with all your details to: forumasakim23@gmail.com.

פורום העסקים יעניק תלוש של 1,000 שקל לכל אדם מעוטף עזה – גלובס (globes.co.il)

Employee Rights During a War

I did a rough translation of the government website explaining what compensation one might get when not working or when watching kids during a war, who has to go into work and who does not.

You can find it here Employee Rights during a war – Rifka Lebowitz

Union of Home Economy advisers

For anyone with financial concerns and questions about how to deal financially during this time, the Union of Home Economy advisers has opened a hot line. 073-367-9056


If any of your possessions were harmed directly during this war, here is the government claims web site תביעה מקוונת – נזק ישיר | רשות המסים בישראל (www.gov.il), it seems like a fairly straightforward process. 


Paybox – Due to the huge numbers of people raising money to help, they have temporarily raised the free annual transaction limit from 100,000 NIS to 200,000 NIS.

Food Stamps

This is unrelated to the war, here is useful information in English about food stamps. Food Stamps for People who are In Need | Ministry of Aliyah and Integration (www.gov.il)

Legal Aid

The Ministry of Justice has established a legal guidance center in response to the state of emergency. This center serves all residents of Israel and offers legal guidance on various legal matters arising from the war and the state of emergency. 

The center operates from Sunday to Thursday, between 08:00 and 20:00, and can be contacted by phone at 073-392-8666 or via email at mokedmishpati@justice.gov.il

Bituach Leumi 

Bituach Leumi has hired many new worker to help those families who have kidnapped family members. If no one was in touch with a family then call the hotline. 02-6269999. Anyone else, please take a look at the English page about rights from Bituach Leumi, including unemployment, there are helpful calculators on the site.  Updates and information in relation to the war | ביטוח לאומי (btl.gov.il) The “Chalat” unpaid work holiday that we had during Covid, is not valid during a war. Not everyone put on unpaid leave will be paid. 

I will continue to add more details as I hear about them.  

I am here to help, I am devoting these weeksis war time to volunteering my time so if you have financial questions or concerns, or just want to talk to someone, reach out, I will do my best.

Praying for everyone’s safety and sending love,